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Clearing-up in the sense of the law-representing
decree NR. 196/2003 of 30.06.2003 - "Datenschutzkodex"

Into senses kind

13 of the law-representing decree NR. 196 from 30 June 2003 INFORMING we about the fact that our enterprise DorfmannGünther (Krinner) processes the personal data of customers and suppliers, as well as other persons, who are communicated us their personnel data willentlich (by telephone, by fax or by E-Mail) or to their personnel data us through third or from public listings were taken over. Concerns exclusively personal data of common/usual kind and nature acts, thus no "sensitive" data.

Our company guarantees in the context of the legal defaults that the processing of the personal data under consideration of the fundamental rights and liberties as well as that became the concerning with special reference to the secrecy, which takes place personal identity and the right to protection of the personal data.

Of a goal and purpose positions of the data processing
the data processing one makes exclusively for the following purposes:

Fulfilmentfulfilment of activities, concerned by legal obligations, obligations from regulations, community standards as well as civilian and according to tax law laws fulfilment of possible contractual in relation to obligations, in connection with the business activity of our society like a filling out of internal statistics, for accounting as well as for the guidance of the customer/supplier bookkeeping goals of business kind like the forwarding of business information and advertising material (by post office, fax and E-Mail), marketing and market investigations protection of the demands and administration of the commitments goals regarding insurance, in particular credit insurances

Transmission and spreading of the data regarding the goals indicated above are if necessary passed on your personal data:

at the public administrations and authorities, if this is legally intended to credit institutes, with those our company relationships for the administration of demands, commitments and for financing switching maintains to all those natural and/or legal, public and/or private persons (right -, administration - and tax consulting office, courts, Chambers of Commerce etc.), if the forwarding proves as necessary or for the practice of our activity expediently as well as in the way with the appropriate goals, indicated above, the personal data processed of our company does not become not illegally on third passed on or in any other form common.

Kind of the publication

The publication of the data is absolutely necessary for the completion of the contractual obligations, the bookkeeping - and legal regulations. The impossibility of the normal completion of the contractual relations and the possible disregard of the laws, which administrative and employment regulations cause, know possible non or wrong report of the mandatory information.

Modalities of the data processing

The date processing can take place with or without assistance of electronic, in any case automatic means and covers all in kind. 4, paragraph 1, letter A of the law-representing decree NR. 196 from 30 June 2003 intended and for the data processing concerned necessary procedures. In each case the data processing under adherence to all safety precautions is accomplished, which ensure their security and secrecy.

The right data protection act concerned lends the concerning the possibility for the practice of certain rights in accordance with kind. 7, 8, 9 and 10 of the D.Lgs. NR. 196

In detail it has the right to know which personal data it is present, and even if they are not yet stored, and in understandable form closer data concerning these data. To be experienced origin and the reason and purpose of their processing, as well as be possibly conveyed data concerning owners and responsible persons of the processing and persons and categories by persons those these data. The concerning has to confirm and control the right its to data to correct and supplement to request that the data are deleted, converted closed and into anonymous data, if the processing offends against the legal regulations.

It has to completely or oppose the right for justified reason partially the processing of its data, as well as its deletion, blockage, to require transformation into anonymous data and without justified reason, if data are used for the purpose of the commercial information, the dispatch by advertising material, the direct sales, for market and public opinion poll. The gegenstaendlichen rights know person on the part of the concerning or one of it assigned, by means of inquiry at the responsible person DorfmannGünther with registered letter or E-Mail to be made info@krinner.bz valid.

Holder of a right of the data processing

Krinner /Saalen 13
I-39030 St. Lorenzen



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